Special Neutron Monitor Bern

Physikalisches Institut of the University of Bern
Special neutron monitor

General description

The detector is housed on the roof of the Physikalisches Institut of the University of Bern.
Detector: Special neutron monitor (58 IGY-type counters)
Geographic latitude: 46.95° N
Geographic longitude: 7.45° E
Altitude: 570m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity (Epoch 2000.0): 4.49 GV
In operation since 1977

The operation of the neutron monitor is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, grant NF 20-067092.01.

Atmospheric Pressure Measurements

An aeroid barometer (GB 1, Meteolabor AG CH-8620 Wetzikon, Switzerland) is used inside the housing of the neutron monitor station.

Data Acquisition System

The five-minute readings of the three neutron monitor sections are recorded together with date, time and barometric pressure by a Linux-PC on harddisk. The exact time is taken by a radio watch (DCF 77 EAP 31, W. Meinberg, D-3280 Bad Pyrmont, Germany).

Barometric Correction

The cosmic ray data are pressure corrected using a barometric coefficient depending on the counter unit and multiplicity rate. The counting rates are corrected to an average pressure of 710 mmHg.