PLANETOCOSMICS is a simulation framework based on Geant4 that allows to compute the hadronic and electromagnetic interactions of cosmic rays with the Earth, Mars and Mercury. For each planet it is possible to take into account the presence of the magnetic field, atmosphere and soil. Following the planet that is considered different magnetic field models and atmospheric models are available. The code has been developed such that the addition of new models and new planets should be quite simple.

The main applications of the code are :

Two different versions of PLANETOCOSMICS have been developed, that differ in the analysis package used for histogramming. In the first version the ROOT package is used to store the results of the code in histograms. In the second version the analysis part of the code has been developed in compliance with the AIDA interface.

The development of PLANETOCOSMICS has been funded by ESA/ESTEC (contract 17774/04/NL/LvH/gm). PLANETOCOSMICS is an extension of the MAGNETOCOSMICS and ATMOCOSMICS codes that compute the propagation of cosmic rays in the Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere. These two applications were developed in the frame of the SEPTIMESS project sponsored by ESA/ESTEC (contract 16339/02/NL/FM/nv).

Latest news

Version 2.0 released on September 1st 2006

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